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Brunch and Bikes: Unveiling Amsterdam's Culinary Gems on Two Wheels

Amsterdam, with its iconic canals and eclectic neighborhoods, provides the perfect backdrop for a unique adventure combining brunch and bikes. As you pedal through the city's charming streets, exploring its hidden corners, there's no shortage of delightful brunch spots in Amsterdam to discover. In this blog, we embark on a journey through Amsterdam's best brunch locales, and this time, we'll delve into the tantalizing flavors of Miri Mary, an Indian restaurant that brings a touch of India to the city's culinary scene. Join us as we explore diverse dishes, from the acclaimed Butter Chicken Benny to the delightful Mango Pancakes and other culinary treasures that make Miri Mary a must-visit destination.

The Brunch Biking Adventure Begins

Begin your day by renting a classic Dutch bicycle, immersing yourself in the quintessential Amsterdam experience. Pedal through the city's charming neighborhoods, each offering a unique backdrop for your brunch and biking escapade.

Best brunch spots in Amsterdam

a. The Breakfast Club – A classic choice

Kick off your culinary journey at The Breakfast Club, a local favorite known for its diverse menu and cozy ambiance. Try their signature dishes, ensuring you fuel up for the cycling journey ahead.

b. Bakers & Roasters – International Flavors

Continue to Bakers & Roasters for a taste of international flavors. Indulge in mouthwatering dishes like American-style pancakes or a Chorizo Breakfast Burrito, adding an eclectic twist to your brunch experience.

c. The Avocado Show – Insta-worthy delights

For visually appealing and delicious dishes, The Avocado Show offers Instagram-worthy brunch options. Explore the avo-centric delights that make this spot a sensation.

Miri Mary: Where Indian cuisine meets brunch extravaganza

a. Butter Chicken Benny – A fusion masterpiece

Miri Mary takes center stage with its renowned Butter Chicken Benny, a fusion masterpiece combining the classic eggs Benedict with the rich, savory flavors of butter chicken. Poached eggs, succulent butter chicken, and buttery makhana sauce create a culinary symphony that transcends cultural boundaries.

b. Mango Pancakes – A sweet symphony

Indulge in the delightful Mango Pancakes, a perfect blend of traditional Indian flavors and brunch indulgence. Light and fluffy pancakes adorned with fresh mango slices provide a burst of fruity goodness, complemented by the tangy buttermilk base.

c. Chickpea Stew and Masala Naan – Street-style temptation

Dive into the street-style goodness of Miri Mary's Chickpea Stew, a tempered delight served with Massale Buttered Naan, yogurt, and pickled aioli. The aromatic flavors of the stew and the buttery perfection of the naan promise a street-food experience that transports you straight to the bustling markets of India.

d. Smoked Eggplant Shakshuka – A Mediterranean twist

Explore the Smoked Eggplant Shakshuka, a dish that introduces a Mediterranean touch to Miri Mary's brunch menu. With a tomato and onion ragu, baked eggs, and served with Poee bread, this shakshuka variation is a flavorful deviation from the traditional, making it a brunch highlight.

Cruising canals and savoring Miri Mary's culinary creations

After brunch, resume your bike tour along Amsterdam's iconic canals, enjoying the scenic views and vibrant atmosphere. Consider making your way back to Miri Mary for dinner to experience more of their culinary excellence.

Exploring Miri Mary's Dinner Delights

Indulge in the unique offerings on Miri Mary's dinner menu. Sample the Smoked Eggplant Shakshuka once more or explore other dishes that showcase the restaurant's dedication to blending traditional Indian flavors with contemporary twists.

Brunch and bikes in Amsterdam provide a perfect blend of adventure and culinary exploration. As you pedal through the city, make sure to include Miri Mary in your itinerary. From the renowned Butter Chicken Benny to the Mango Pancakes and enticing dishes like the Chickpea Stew with Masala Naan and the Smoked Eggplant Shakshuka, Miri Mary's menu promises a gastronomic journey that fuses diverse flavors and cultural influences. So, hop on your bike, follow your cravings, and let Miri Mary elevate your brunch and dining experience to new heights in the heart of Amsterdam.

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