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Top Indian Restaurants in Amsterdam: Where to Indulge in Authentic Indian Cuisine

Amsterdam, known for its canals, art museums, and rich history, also boasts a diverse culinary landscape that invites food enthusiasts from around the world.

Among these gastronomic places are the Indian restaurants, each providing a part of India's vibrant heritage. The quest for authentic Indian cuisine takes many to the heart of Amsterdam, where spices blend perfectly with the city's ambiance.

The charm of Indian cuisine lies in its authenticity. A genuine Indian meal is more than just food—it's a sensory experience that takes you through the lanes of India, making you savor every bite, every flavor, and every moment.

Criteria for Selection: What Makes a Top Indian Restaurant?

To choose the best Indian restaurants in Amsterdam, several factors play a crucial role. On top of the list is authenticity, ensuring that the dishes remain true to their Indian roots. The play of spices, the balance within flavors, and the overall presentation come next. The cherry on top is determined by the service quality, ambiance and overall customer feedback.

Restaurant 1: Miri Mary

Miri Mary at van der Helstplein 15 is where traditional Indian recipes meet contemporary twists. Dishes like Prawn Canapés showcase their creativity. The ambiance, with cozy interior, further enhances the dining pleasure, making each meal memorable.

Restaurant 2: Sizz

Situated at the Weteringschans, Sizz stands as a beacon for Indian food lovers. This establishment is famous for its Madras Chicken. The dining experience is elevated by its cozy interior.The service staff is very welcoming and will ensure that every diner's needs are catered to.

Restaurant 3: Anjappar

Anjappar introduces diners to Chettinad cuisine. Their approach is both traditional and innovative, offering dishes like a chicken lollypop. Among locals and visitors, the restaurant is a favorite, often praised for its tandoor starters.

Restaurant 4: ASHOKA

Dedication to preserving authentic Indian flavors while presenting them with flair is the hallmark of ASHOKA. Their chefs, trained in the art of Indian cooking, craft dishes that are both nostalgic and refreshing. For those looking for a unique experience, ASHOKA is a must-try.

Restaurant 5: Rasoi

A haven for those craving a vast array of Indian flavors, Rasoi boasts a menu that's a tribute to India's culinary diversity. From the Jaitooni Paneer Tikka to the subtle flavors of the Stuffed Mushrooms there's something for every palate.

Sherpa is where traditional Indian recipes meet contemporary twists. Dishes like Jaitooni Paneer Tikka showcase their culinary creativity. The ambiance, with cozy interior, further enhances the dining pleasure, making each meal memorable.

Honorable Mentions: Noteworthy Indian Restaurants

While the aforementioned restaurants are exceptional, establishments like Miri Mary, Rasoi, and Dutch Dabbawala deserve a nod. Each of these offers unique specialties, be it in their dishes, ambiance, or overall dining experience.

Insider Tips for Dining at Indian Restaurants in Amsterdam

When venturing into Amsterdam's Indian culinary scene:

Reservations: Popular restaurants can get busy, especially during weekends. Book in advance.

Must-tries: Always ask the staff for house specialties. Sometimes, the best dishes aren't always on the menu.

Off-peak Hours: To enjoy a quieter ambiance, consider dining during off-peak hours.


Amsterdam's Indian restaurant scene is a testament to the city's culinary diversity and the global appeal of Indian cuisine. Each establishment, with its unique flavors and ambiance promises a culinary journey worth trying. So, when in Amsterdam, let the Indian flavors enthrall your senses. Explore, indulge, and relish every bite!

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