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A Brunch Odyssey: Romantic Ideas for Two in the Heart of Amsterdam

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Indian flavors fused with the Dutch palate is a love story worth exploring. As you wander through the streets of the Netherlands, the aromatic essence of Indian cuisine beckons. Indian restaurants in the Netherlands like Miri Mary in Amsterdam offer an exotic culinary journey that will surely water the mouth.

Indian Cuisine in the Netherlands: A Fusion of Cultures

As more Indians settled in the Netherlands over the years due to historical and cultural exchanges during the colonial times, they started introducing the rich tapestry of their culinary traditions. This Netherlands appeared to be a place full of Dutch gourmands, longing for unique flavors. A warm welcome as such made Indian restaurants incorporate Dutch elements into their kitchen, creating so-called Indo-Dutch dishes.

Popular Indian Dishes in the Netherlands

The vastness of Indian flavors are reflected in an extensive menu like Miri Mary’s with dishes ranging from creamy butter chicken to saag paneer. Key ingredients like turmeric, cumin, and garam masala impart these dishes with their characteristic taste.

Regional Varieties of Indian Cuisine in the Netherlands

India is vast, and so is its culinary diversity. Northern delights like naan and paneer dishes, Southern specials like dosas and sambhar, Western tangy chaats, and Eastern sweets like roshogulla can all be found and relished in the Netherlands.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options in Indian Restaurants

With a majority of India’s population being vegetarian, the offerings are vast. The many vegetarian and vegan options on the menu show the inclusive character of Indian cuisine, making it possible for all preferences to be fulfilled when having Indian dinner in the Netherlands. 

The Dining Experience: Ambience and Hospitality

Stepping into an Indian restaurant in the Netherlands is like a brief teleportation to India tingling all our senses; from hearing melodious Bollywood tunes to smelling the aroma and witnessing the intricate designs. This is complemented by an age-old tradition called ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ meaning 'The Guest is God', ensuring warm hospitality in every Indian restaurant in the Netherlands.

 Indian Street Food in the Netherlands

Beyond the regular dining, The Netherlands offers a quick getaway to Indian Streets with the hustle and bustle of vendors selling "samosas", "pani puris", and "pav bhaji". 

Fusion of Indian and Dutch Flavors

Blending Indian cuisine and Dutch flavors creates a playground where “stroopwafels” can be infused with cardamom or “bitterballen” with a touch of curry spices; an intriguing segment of the culinary scene that delights both locals and tourists. 

Promoting Cultural Exchange: Indian Restaurants as Cultural Ambassadors

These eateries are more than just food hubs. They often organize Indian festivals, dance, and music nights, acting as cultural ambassadors and weaving the rich Indian heritage into the Dutch social fabric.

Tips for Exploring Indian Cuisine in the Netherlands

For the uninitiated, start with the milder dishes and gradually explore the spicier options. Resources like restaurant reviews, food blogs, and local food apps can guide you to the most authentic Indian dining experiences like Miri Mary located in the middle of De Pijp.


The journey of Indian cuisine in the Netherlands is a testament to the universal love for food. It stands as a symbol of unity, showcasing how diverse flavors can come together, creating a harmonious blend. So, the next time you're in the Netherlands visit places like Miri Mary and let the allure of Indian flavors guide you to a memorable culinary adventure. 

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